Pelletizing Process

There are different methods for producing iron ore pellets, the most common one in the world are the straight grate and the grate-kiln technologies. Maad Koush pelletizing plant is benefiting from “Grate Kiln” technology. It takes three steps to carry out induration process:  a preheat travelling grate, a rotary kiln, and an annular cooler.  Lower bed depth in this method results in more uniform temperature profile, lower pressure drop and less power consumption. The pellets are then used as direct reduction feed or blast furnace feed.

The gases from the cooler are recycled to the kiln and the grate, resulting in the Grate-Kiln being the most energy efficient system for producing indurated pellets.

This method has the advantage of producing higher quality iron ore pellets, specifically in compressive strength, which minimizes transportation loss.